Animations: Mundia

Mundia needed a video to promote our family tree website to a young Latin American audience. We wanted a short, adventure-packed animation that would arouse peoples' interest in discovering more about their own family history story. We also wanted to challenge the misconception of genealogy being a dull hobby for old people and instead present it in a colorful and fun way. But that's not all. While we were particularly interested in appealing to Spanish and Portuguese speakers, we wanted a video that could easily and affordably be adapted for viewers of other languages without the overhead of translation and voiceover costs. A tall order I know, but Lilipip proved themselves up to the challenge.

The Mundia team is extremely happy with how the video turned out and we're excited to finally be launching our video marketing campaign to drive site registrations. Would I use Lilipip’s services again? You betcha! When I consider the enormous amount of creative energy that went into putting our little animation together, Lilipip quite simply over-delivered. Thanks to the Lilipip team and in particular to Linda, Jen, Alex and Charlie. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you guys!

Tyler Duncan
Online Marketing Specialist




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