Our Fearless Team

Jen Zug - Creative Director

Jen brings years of writing experience to the Lilipip team, using her love of story telling to help shape the scripts and storyboards that give birth to future animations. As a blogger and active twitter user, Jen's approach to script writing is quick and to-the-point, catering to the short attention spans of today's web surfers. After a lifetime of writing stories, producing short home movies, and creating the proverbial "mix tape" for every occasion, Jen can hardly believe she gets to do all this for a living.

Andrew Imamura - Art Director

Always a humble student of story, Andrew brings fresh style and personality to any script.  A natural storyboard artist and illustrator, Andrew's passion for the pre-production process is ever clear in his work.  Staying in touch with the trends and soaking in the creative atmosphere of Portland, this Los Angeles native is primed to provide a compelling and artistic touch to any project.

Charlie Barr - Account Manager

Charlie has spent the last 12 years straddling two different worlds.  One foot in business development and the other in the art community.   At Lilipip he has the opportunity to combine them both.  Through his project management and sales experience he has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and mom & pops shops.  When he’s not donning the proverbial business suit he’s in his studio working on paintings for the galleries representing his work in the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, and Florida.  This gives Charlie a unique perspective as he works with clients to realize a creative message to effectively drive their business.

Ksenia Oustiougova - Founder & CEO

After the birth of her second child, Ksenia quit her job as an architect to make educational animations for toddlers. She turned to UW for help with her business plan, and her team won the Best Product Idea Prize in the 2006 Business Plan Competition, which served as a launching pad for the company. Over the course of the past 3 years, she changed the business model twice, first from production company to licensing content as a filtered "YouTube" for kids in 2007, and then to the current model in the summer of 2008. Ksenia's "tell it like it is" style combined with her strategic use of social media in business development set her apart as a clear example of the contemporary female entrepreneur. 

 Bryan Zug - Director of Business Development

If you wander into a Seattle unconference like Mind Camp, BarCamp, or Presentation Camp, you'll often find Bryan egging folks into heated discussion over which of their favorite sci-fi/fantasy characters would win in a battle. While a session called “Starbuck vs. Samwise in a Fight” may seem, at first blush, like all hook / no substance - participants quickly find themselves in a lively exchange about what it means to thrive in an age where attention is the scarcest resource. That's when the deceptively simple communication strategy of Lilipip's Director of Business Development becomes crystal clear. People learn more and retain longer when the stories are interesting and the content is compelling. This is what 13+ years in the trenches of interactive strategy teaches you.


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